Steps to follow when treating a burn injury victim

  1. KEEP THE VICTIM CALM – Burn injuries can be very traumatic experiences for the victims. Keep the person calm. Also, many times burn injuries can cause hypothermia. Try to keep the person as warm as possible.
  2. CALL FOR MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY – Burn victims develop many problems quickly. Depending on where they are burned, the areas such as feet, hands and throat can become constricted. If the face has been burned, breathing can become very difficult. Call for emergency medical assistance immediately as time is an issue.
  3. CHECK THE ACCIDENT SCENE – If the cause of the fire has not been eliminated, keep others away from the scene. In many instances other people can be injured due to an unsafe area. If possible, have other people diverting people away from the accident scene.
  4. CONTACT LAW ENFORCMENT – Contact the police immediately and advise them of the situation. Make sure they send an officer out to the scene as quickly as possible. If the danger still exists, contact the fire department as well.
  5. COLLECT INFORMATION – Make sure to get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses. Also write down any statements that witnesses make in regards to the accident.
  6. GET MEDICAL ATTENTION – Burn injuries are complex and many issues can develop, especially if they are severe. They must be treated immediately. Burn victims are very susceptible to infection. These types of injuries must be treated immediately. Do not attempt to treat the burns yourself with butter or oils. These treatments do not work and can cause more damage.
  7. CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY – Report the accident to your insurance company or have a family member do it if you are unable. Find out from your agent if you have a Personal Injury Protection provision in your policy.
  8. MAKE SURE THE ACCIDENT IS REPORTED – In cases involving burn injuries, the police and fire departments will usually be contacted. However, don’t assume that they will be. Always check to make sure that the proper authorities have been notified and that an accident report has been filled out.
  9. CONTACT YOUR LAWYER IMMEDIATELY – In burn injury cases, it is critical that the investigation process starts immediately. Contact the Houston Burn Injury Attorney of The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. for advice and quality representation in regards to your injuries.
  10. PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS – As a victim, you have to make sure that your rights are protected. If you are contacted by the insurance company of those responsible for your accident, tell them that they need to speak with the Houston Personal Injury Attorney of The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C.. All future conversations will be with them.
  11. DOCUMENT THE SCENE – If it is possible, take photographs with a digital camera. If you do not have one, a cell phone camera will work. Take as many photos as you possibly can. A picture tells the story much better than words.

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alexandriaSteps to follow when treating a burn injury victim