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Defective product. Manufactures are held legally responsible for the products they provide to the public. They are responsible for making sure that the products they sell are both functioning and safe for our use. However, sometimes companies fail to ensure the safety of their products and release them for public use unwittingly. This can happen if a manufacturer’s testing staff or tools fail to notify them of a defective product. This product can pass their internal inspection and be placed on the public market, where someone like you can get injured by using it.

While this is not a common practice and manufacturers are generally unaware of the product’s issues when it’s purchased by a consumer or retailer, the manufacturer is still responsible for any defects. This means that if you use a defective product and get injured, you could file a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the product.

This course of action is available to all people who are injured by defective products but its primary purpose is to assist injured persons with financial assistance that reduces or eliminates their financial burden incurred from using the defective product. While that’s a mouthful, let’s take a look at why a person would actually “need” to sue a liable manufacturer.

Medical Bills from Defective Product Injuries

If you’re injured by a defective product in Houston, you probably need to visit a Houston hospital to get checked out and possibly receive medical care. As you know, hospitals are very expensive, and by law, you should not have to pay for the medical bills that you incur due to the defective product. The negligent company is liable and you should contact The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. now for a consultation.

Time off Work without Pay

While injured, many people are unable to go to work. While not at work, many employees won’t receive pay from their employer. Employers need employees who go to work, so if you can’t work, you could even lose your job. If you have found yourself without an income due to injuries caused by a defective product, the manufacturer could be held responsible for your personal finances while you are unable to collect a paycheck.

Your Duty to Society

Companies that are allowed to create and distribute defective products are a hazard to our society. If you were injured by a defective product, how do you know that was the only defective product the company sold? They could have sold thousands of them, injuring thousands of innocent people, and they could be about to sell even more of them. If you don’t tell the company about the defective product, you are allowing other people to be injured by this same product. The company not only needs to be notified of the defective product, but they need to financially repair the tough situation they have placed you in.

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