How We Handle Cases

  1. Our personal injury attorneys will meet with you at ouPersonal injury cases.r offices to go over the facts of your case. We will identify the responsible parties and insurance companies and notify them that we represent you to recover for your injuries and damages. We will help you resolve the situation.
  2. Our clients concentrate on medical care and getting better. Our staff will concentrate on the facts of your case and gathering the medical records and bills and investigative reports.
  3. We will notify the insurance company that we represent you and will protect you from adjusters who are trained to minimize any amount of money they have to pay you. After all, they are not employed by the insurance company to just give money away to you. The fight will be fair and we will make them pay for all of your damages. We protect you.
  4. We will consult with you the entire time you are receiving medical care. At the same time we will be completing all of our investigations and gathering of documents.
  5. Once your medical care is complete we will contact your doctors and make sure we have all medical records, x rays, diagnostic studies and all bills for the medical care you received.
  6. Our staff and your managing personal injury attorney will prepare a demand on your behalf and discuss it with you. Once the demand is sent to the insurance company they will have three weeks to one month to respond. We will negotiate with the insurance company and see if a settlement satisfactory to you can be negotiated.
  7. If a settlement cannot be reached we will review you case to see if a lawsuit should be filed. We will meet with you to discuss this stage of the claim and move forward as necessary.


Accident and injury cases can be complex, so you should not delay. You should act immediately and contact the personal injury attorneys at The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. today with any questions that you have. Our attorneys and staff are always here to help you at every step of your case. We value the confidence you place in us and we will do everything possible for you and your family. Our goal at The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. is to give each of our clients the highest qualify legal advice and services to protect your rights.

Let our team of experts work for you.

alexandriaHow We Handle Cases