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Free consultation: Call us at (713) 222-2007 or send us an e-mail. The personal injury attorneys at the Texas law firm of The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. are ready to help you get the compensation you need for your head trauma accident.

Houston Brain & Spine Injury Lawyer -12 Years of Experience

Houston brain injury lawyerWhen you turn to us for help with your severe injury case, there is one thing you can be certain of: We have the experience, and the knowledge to get results. We can take head injury cases involving:

  • Automobile and Car Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • 18 Wheeler and Commercial Truck Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Automobile Defects
  • Premises Liability

Our attorneys also handle cases involving head trauma that results from workplace accidents, such as:

  • Construction Accidents
  • Plant and Refinery Accidents
  • Offshore Accidents

Ready to Help You Get the Compensation You Need

Head injury victims have much more to deal with than the pain and suffering they have encountered. Costs pile up quickly, leading to questions about the financial situation.

Our Houston brain injury lawyer and spine injury lawyer can answer important questions, such as:

  • Who is responsible for paying all of my medical bills?
  • Do I deserve compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the head injury?
  • How will I pay all of my regular bills if my injury prevents me from working and earning a paycheck?

You can count on us not only to provide answers, but to provide them quickly and honestly.

You pay nothing unless we win your case. You don’t have to worry about how you are going to afford our services. Our attorneys handle all head injury and brain damage cases on a contingency basis. You pay nothing unless we get results. Then we only expect a small percentage of the compensation we get for you.

You Don’t Have to Settle for Less

At our law firm, we believe:

You don’t have to settle for less than top quality legal representation from Houston brain injury lawyer who are experienced in head injury cases and cares about you!

You don’t have to settle for less than a law firm that will provide your case with the attention it needs to be a success!

You don’t have to settle for less than fair compensation for your personal injury case!

We’re Not Afraid of the Courthouse

Our success in the courtroom can be attributed to many factors, but the most important may be our thorough preparation. From the moment we begin handling a head trauma case, we begin preparing it for the courtroom.

That preparation includes gathering trusted experts. Frequently, we need to turn to medical experts. This is where it becomes critical that we understand the jury.

While there are certainly experts who know a great deal about their subject matter, they may not be able to communicate that information to the people in the jury. The jury is not made up of medical experts. They cannot be hit with complex medical terminology. They need to be spoken to as friends. Our understanding of expert selection and jury communication is a big factor in our record of success.

For a free consultation call Houston brain & spine injury lawyer today or send us an e-mail using the short form on this page.

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