Houston Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents occur every day in Houston. People on their way to work, the store, and home are rear-ended, clipped, and otherwise banged up and damaged by reckless drivers. Whether the other driver is driving while intoxicated or just not watching the road, they could be liable for all bills you incur from the accident that they caused.

Medical bills can pile up quickly after a Houston auto accident. If you were flown to the Hospital by Care Flight or driven in an ambulance, you are going to receive a bill from the hospital. A simple rush to the hospital in an ambulance could cost you as much $600, while the flight in the Care Flight helicopter can cost you substantially more. The medical team that helped you was interested in helping you, and now they’re interested in being paid. Do you have the money to give them? Even if you do, do you think you should have to pay for damage that someone else caused?

The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. are Houston auto accident attorneys who specialize in helping victims like you get the money they deserve. Bills that The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. may be able to help you pay with your settlement include medical bills, financial loss due to inability to work while injured, and auto insurance fees or mechanic fees.

If you’re hurt so bad that you are unable to go to work, then you are not only racking up medical bills, but you’re also using up your sick time, possibly your vacation time, and you’re probably not even getting paid while you aren’t going to work. Some victims of Houston auto accidents even end up losing their job – and the auto accident wasn’t even their fault!

Driving to work, stores, and to our homes is something that we all have to do, and the risks involved do not have to include losing your home due to an auto accident. If you already know that you’re facing high medical bills and loss of work, you are probably worried about what to do, how to make the payments, and who, if anyone, could possibly help you out of this dire situation.

The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. know that as the victim, you deserve to have every dime covered by the person or business responsible for your accident. Any medical bills, home bills, attorney fees, and more can be covered by the reckless driver if you act fast. There really is no time to stall. The best time to call The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. to discuss your Houston auto accident is immediately after the accident. If this wasn’t possible at the time of the accident, there may still be time. Call us now for a consultation.

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