What steps should be taken after a defective product injury?

Product Recall AccidentDefective products can cause all sorts of injuries. If you or anyone you know has fallen victim to a defective product, seek medical attention right away.

If your mind and body are sound enough to function properly, go ahead and do your best to preserve the product to its original condition. The product will serve as a key piece of evidence to prove the manufacturer’s negligence. Negligence is a legal term that refers to a party’s failure to take due care to prevent harm to another person (yourself in this situation).

Avoiding Negligence

A failure to return the product to its original condition in the aftermath of your injury could jeopardize your chance to receive a timely and favorable settlement or court-issued judgment. A considerable number of defective product injury victims make the grave mistake of throwing the product out, losing track of its location, or manipulating it in some manner.

Treat the product as if it is the key piece of evidence that will decide the merit of your case. Whether it is a medical device, vehicle part, toy or other item, its presence will prove to be critically important to your personal injury attorney’s arguments in a court of law.

Preserving the Defective Product is Important

A surprising number of defective product injury victims errantly trash packaging and other materials that originally came with the product. It is imperative that you document the product as thoroughly as possible. Gather all of the boxing, instruction manual(s), extended warranty paperwork, maintenance documentation, sales receipt and other relevant information. Even the advertisement(s) touting the product’s alleged merits should be preserved.

Furthermore, the product’s model number and serial number should be recorded and stored in a safe place. If holding onto the product poses a threat to you, your loved ones or your property, take as many pictures as possible to create a visual record of its physical condition and contact our law office immediately.

Call Your Preferred Local Attorney

The next and final step to take is to call your attorney. If you have suffered any type of harm as a result of a defective product, call Attorney Gerardo Cantu, today. Attorney Gerardo Cantu is a construction and auto defect attorney in Houston, and more.

alexaWhat steps should be taken after a defective product injury?