What is Third Party Liability?

In personal injury law cases, it’s important to identify who is responsible for an injury. While one person may be responsible for an accident that causes an injury, there may also be a third party who is at fault.

Under the law, third party liability occurs when action or inaction is indirectly responsible for an injury. Some cases where third party liability may come into play include the following.

Auto Accident with a Delivery Vehicle

Victims of an auto accident may have two parties who are legally responsible for their injuries. In the case of a delivery vehicle driver who dozed off at the wheel and caused an accident, the driver is certainly liable. However, the employer of that driver may also be liable if they do not enforce workplace rules that include limiting the number of hours a driver may stay on the road without a rest break.

Electrocution at a Construction Site

Construction site accidents are unfortunately all too common. Contractors and subcontractors are equally responsible for enforcing safety standards at all work sites. However, let’s assume a person suffers an electrocution or electrical shock at a construction site that causes serious burns or even death. In this case, the contractors or subcontractors may not be liable; the fault may lay with the manufacturer of the tool that was responsible for the electrocution in the first place.

Drug Interactions Causing Heart Failure

In some medical malpractice cases, there may be more than one party liable for injuries that result in impairment or death. One example of this is when a physician prescribes a medication that does not interact well with another drug that a patient is taking. In this case, the physician may be liable if they failed to pay attention to potential interaction issues, or the drug manufacturer may be responsible for offering a drug that did not properly disclose potential interaction problems.

Whenever someone is injured as a result of deliberate actions or negligence, it is important to investigate thoroughly to determine who is ultimately responsible for the injury. It is crucial when you speak with your personal injury attorney to provide them with as many details as possible so they can determine if a third party may also be liable for your injuries.

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