Our Lawmakers Have Taken Away Enough of Our Protection!

Today the Senate Business & Commerce committee is hearing Senate Bill 1628. This bill eviscerates 40+ years of policyholder protections that are designed to force insurance companies to pay claims fairly and fully. This bill is dangerous.

Texas Watch produced a short video highlighting the dangers this bill poses for families and business owners:

Like Texas Watch, we believe Texans should be treated with respect and that insurance companies have a duty to pay claims properly, and that if they fail to do so, they should face stiff penalties, plain and simple.

On behalf of families and business owners who rely on their insurance company when disaster strikes, Texas Watch will be testifying against this bill and will be fighting it throughout the legislative session.

Contact your legislator! Tell your lawmakers to protect their constituents against unfair claims handling and to maintain the last line of defense for policyholders.

admin-tempOur Lawmakers Have Taken Away Enough of Our Protection!